Living With Ovarian Cancer

Cancer Services Buddy Program

The Cancer Services Buddy Program at Aurora Health Care recognizes that cancer is a life-changing journey, which should not be traveled alone. The Buddy Program believes that offering a newly diagnosed individual the opportunity to talk with someone who has had cancer, may be helpful to that individual. Care partners can also participant in the Buddy Program, connecting with other care partners who have supported a loved one through his or her cancer journey. Buddies are a source of encouragement and hope to newly diagnosed individuals and care partners. Learn more about this free program.

A Women’s Touch

A Women’s Touch
Sexuality Resource Center
Ellen Barnard, MSSW and Myrtle Wilhite, MD, MS
2 locations
302 S. Livingston St
Madison, WI 53703

Follow-Up Tests

As an ovarian cancer survivor, you can expect to be closely monitored at every stage. After surgery and during treatment, the purpose of these visits is to:

● Monitor your response to treatment
● Recognize and immediately address any treatment-related complications
● Provide early detection of persistent or recurrent disease

Follow-up visits with your physician will generally include a recto pelvic examination, physical examination and possibly an ultrasound or CT scan as well as blood tests to assess your overall risk.

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