Event Guidelines

  • Event must be approved by the Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance (WOCA) if using our name on any promotional material. If approved, WOCA will provide logo. 

  • A completed contract must be filled out and signed.

  • Event must comply with all state laws and regulations.

  • We are more than happy to put the event on our calendar, social media, and do email blasts.  However, we are unable to send you a copy of our mailing lists, or email lists. 

  • Event organizer is responsible for obtaining any event insurance that may be needed. 

  • Although WOCA loves to help out and volunteer, the staff is small!  Therefore, the event organizer is responsible for staffing the event (including volunteers).  

  • Because WOCA is small, and we like to stay busy, we may not be able to attend your event. 

  • WOCA is happy to provide you with promotional material, and willing to help with any questions you may have!

Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

1. Set a Timeline

2. Get your friends and Family involved.  As a team set goals to help throughout the planning process.

3. Don't be afraid, or feel guilty about asking.  People will feel honored to be a part of your project.

4. Spread the word about your event. Use social media, create flyers, send invitations.  The more people who understand what your fundraiser is about and who it is benefiting, the more people will be involved.

5.  Share your Success.  After your event is over, be sure to thank everyone involved!

After your Fundraiser

1. Share your photos and videos!  Share on social media.  Email the pics and videos to the WIOCA staff so they can share as well:  friends@wisconsinovariancancer.org

2. Send in donations.  You can mail your proceeds to:   



                  13825 W. National Ave, Suite 103


              New Berlin, WI 53151

Please make all checks payable to WOCA or the Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

3. Thank your guests!!  Your guests were instrumental to the success of your fundraiser.  Send thank you notes, and tell them how important their contribution was.