Teal in Need Testimonials

“My family is so grateful for the help you have provided.  We live 5 hours from my doctor’s office and have travel expenses such as hotels and food really add up.  I also have a child with Autism that I have to hire someone to stay with him because wait times at doctors’ offices and hospital stays are too hard on him.  We can't say thank you enough for all your help!  The doctors are watching me close since the cancer spread to my brain and in March they removed another cancerous tumor from there.  I pray every time I go into that darn MRI chamber that things will be clear because my son needs me here as long as possible.” - Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Dawn

“Going thru cancer and chemo treatments is hard enough in itself :(  When you add to that the financial burden of looming bills, it becomes harder to focus on getting better because you're worried about those bills. The financial assistance I have received from the "Teal In Need" campaign helped to ease my worries.  Grateful is the word that comes to mind.  Thank you so much.” – Anonymous

“The Teal in Need funds helped me in ways I didn’t expect.  Their funds helped pay for my chemotherapy/hospital bills which in returned allowed me to purchase formula for my newborn. I was worried about the additional cost of formula since I was unable to breastfeed with the chemotherapy. It is because of the Teal in Need fund that helped relieve the stress and worry about juggling payments between hospital bills and formula costs.” - Thank you, Laura

"Ovarian Cancer changed my life. Woca helped me get thru tough times with getting me in touch with others who fought and won.  WOCA helped and took some stress off my shoulders. By helping with my mortgage payment for a month.  I was able to rest, relax and heal knowing that was paid. I plan to push hard in the upcoming years to raise funds, donate items, and raise awareness for Woca to repay and pay it forward to other women. The help I received was so greatly appreciated.  Thank you to all who donated to make those $$ available to me during a very difficult time in life. 


When Ashley informed me of the financial help, I cried. I did not have to worry or stress, I have support and that is WOCA. 


Knowing WOCA was there in my time of need, makes these difficult times a little less stressful. Thank you."

"I truly appreciate the assistance I received from the Teal In Need program.  I have health insurance through my job, but with high premiums and a high deductible.  The help I got from Teal In Need helped pay my medical costs and utility bills for the years I was eligible.  Thank you!!"

It was the end of August 2018 when I had my surgery and then on September 5, 2018 I was unexpectedly diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When meeting with my nurse navigator for the first time she gave me some very helpful information about WOCA. I am so very grateful to WOCA and the selection committee.  I’m thankful for “Teal in Need” and the opportunity to apply for assistance. After my surgery and diagnosis, I wasn’t able to work and was very worried about all the medical bills and the regular monthly bills too. I realized quickly I couldn’t do this on my own. I would need to find some assistance. With the Teal in Need program I was able to use that assistance towards payments for medical bills and some rent. The Teal in Need program provided me with the peace of mind during a very difficult time and I feel truly blessed to be given the opportunity to apply for some help. Thank you WOCA for everything you do! -K.