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Top 10 reasons to contribute to WOCA's monthly giving campaign:

1. Fund Travel Expenses for Survivors to attend "Camp Mak-A-Dream"

2. Help sponsor WOCA's Survivors' Brunch- A celebration of those affected by ovarian cancer.

3. Comfort newly diagnosed women through helping fund WOCA's Comfort Totes.

4. Support "Teal in Need," WOCA's financial benefit program.

5. Fund Ovarian Cancer Research throughout Wisconsin.

6. Fund WOCA's emotional and education support groups for survivors.

7. Support awareness and education efforts.

8. Support Woman to Woman, WOCA's Mentorship program

9. Connect staff and board members with survivors through our traveling "Meet WOCA" program.

10. Help advocate for ovarian cancer research funding at the National Ovarian Cancer Conference.

Enter $10 into the donation amount, and select monthly, to make your impact today.

As part of the CARES Act, changes to tax benefits were made to incentivize charitable giving. $300 Cash Contribution Deduction. Beginning in 2020 and each year thereafter (this is not limited to only 2020), individuals can take a $300 above-the-line deduction for cash contributions to charities, regardless of whether or not the individual itemizes deductions.

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Please consider the Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance your organization of choice!

Does Your Employer Match Your Charitable Contribution?

Current employer's matching employee contributions that we are aware of are: Kraft, John Hancock Financial Inc, Reader’s Digest, Wachovia Securities, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, FIS Global and Mc Donalds.  

If your employer matches your charitable contribution, please let us know. WOCA is also eligible to receive funds through the United Way of Greater Milwaukee.  For more information about giving through United Way Click Here.

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