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Individuals affected by ovarian cancer often feel a sense of isolation. While we do not provide medical advice, we welcome your comments through the contact form below. We will make every attempt to respond to your questions, ideas and suggestions in a timely and confidential fashion.

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Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance
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Medical advice can only be provided in the context of a physician-patient relationship. WOCA is not responsible or liable if information in response to your email turns out to be incorrect or incomplete. Please consult with a physician to determine proper medical care, and evaluate the information you receive on this site before putting it to use. If you have an urgent medical problem, consult your physician immediately. 

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Have a question pertaining to ovarian cancer? Ask our medical advisory board. Your question will be sent off to the board, and your response will then be posted to our "Ask the Dr. Blog." We will send you an email once your question has been answered. Click the button to fill out the form, and lets get started!

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Are you a survivor looking for more information about WOCA?  Feel free to fill out our Survivor Questionnaire! 

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