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  Become a Teal FUNraiser by hosting your own event! Events come in many different forms & are a great way to get your friends, family, and even coworkers involved in a cause you care about!  Funds you raise will directly benefit ovarian cancer survivors and their families throughout Wisconsin. 

Interested in hosting your own fundraiser? Check out some possible FUNraiser ideas below!

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions!

Host an Outdoor Movie Night

To Do:

  1. Decide on a date – make sure to check with the WOCA office to make sure the Movie Screen and Projector are available on the date of your party

  2. Decide on what movie you will be showing

  3. Send out Invitations (see invite template for ease of planning)

  4. Plan the seating – it is typically easiest to have each attendee bring their own lawn chair to sit in to enjoy the show!!

  5. Plan the snacks (Sample Menu below)

  6. Pick up the Movie Screen and Projector from the WOCA office at least 1 day prior to your party to ensure plenty of time for set up or any potential issues or delays.

Sample Menu:

  1. Popcorn

  2. Movie Theater Candy

  3. Rice Krispy Treats

  4. Drinks


Other things to consider:

  1. Have a donation table with WOCA information on it and state that all donations benefit WOCA

  2. Have bug spray / citronella candles out to try to minimize the mosquitos / bugs

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wine and cheese taasting.jpg
Host your own wine tasting
  • Plan out when you want to host your wine tasting night.

  • Choose a wine theme. (Region, Variety, Brand, Cost, Color).  You should get two bottles of the same wine for parties of 8-10 people.  Each bottle usually has about 10 servings.  Suggested to have at least 3-4 varieties of wine in total.

  • Plan out appetizers (cheese board, veggie tray, fruit plate, crackers, chocolate)

  • Estimate how much glassware and food supplies you’ll need based on the number of invitees.  (Two glasses per person, plates, water glasses, pitcher to dump out tastings, napkins)

  • Order food wine and supplies!

  • Send out invites.  Suggested amounts of 8-10 people.

  • Set up a table where everyone will do the tasting.  Put out glasses, water, and the pitcher. Set up appetizers and snacks. (Make sure to chill white wines prior to the event!)

  • Gather everyone around the wine table and have everyone try the first wine.  Let discussion begin around flavor, color smell, etc.  Repeat for other available wines. Enjoy the wine with friends!

Host your own dinner party
  • Pick a date!

  • Plan your menu and theme for the party (ideas below). Make sure to ask your guests for any food restrictions prior to attending

  • Send out invites.  Suggested amounts of 6-10 people.

  • Based on number of attendees, plan and pick up supplies. (Glassware, napkins, serving dishes, décor, food, drinks)

  • Plan out your signature party cocktail and give it a fun name

  • Write out place cards and plan out seating arrangements

  • Print out dinner menus and place them on the table prior to guests arriving

  • Decorate the room with candles, a table runner, or other seasonal décor

  • Set out straws, garnish, napkins

  • Make individual appetizers or a cheese plate for a starter

  • Put refreshments on ice.  An idea is to put berries or sprigs of your favorite herbs into ice cube trays for extra fun drinks!

  • Prep as much food as you can prior to guests arriving.  When they get there, you should be putting the final touches on dishes.  Keep your food warm by covering it or placing it in the oven on a low temperature

  • Serve appetizers and drinks first

  • Asks guest to be seated and serve the dinner, or if you are doing a serve yourself food bar, ask them to grab their plates and begin to serve themselves

  • Make a toast during the dinner to thank your guests for attending

  • Serve dessert if on the menu!

Image by Fathul Abrar
ashley jennifer gertie craft fair.jpg
Fundraising Tips:
Keep your audience in mind.  
Give yourself enough time to plan the event.
Set a budget.
Follow up after the event.  
Be creative when thinking of a new event.

Good Questions to think about:
Where are you going to have your event?
How many people will the venue accommodate?
What kind of event do you want to have? (Golf outings, wine tastings, bowling events, etc.)   
Are you going to need prizes? (50/50 raffles, silent auctions, raffle baskets)
Is there going to be food?
Are you going to need volunteers?
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