Green Bay Hot Cider Hustle – Volunteer Info

When – Sunday, October 23rd, from 7am – 11:30am

Where –The event site is in Downtown Green Bay at 310 N. Washington St. Also, you will receive an email from the week of the race with exact meeting locations either on-site or on course.

Who – Upon arrival an All Community Events team member will meet with the volunteers.

Job Descriptions
Registration assistant – Volunteers will help with the process of participants checking in. They will check if the participant is registered by last name and if so then give them their race materials. Some volunteers will also assist with the process of new participants signing up the day of the race.

Post-race registration/food – Once registration is closed the tents will be used for food primarily. Volunteers will help organize the food and monitor it while participants are finishing. Hoodie exchanging will also be going on. Participants will be asking to exchange their hoodies for a different size and at this time it is okay as long as they didn’t run in it.

Course Marshal – Course marshals will be placed on the course (in pairs of two minimum) and help direct the participants so they run the correct way. Here we ask the volunteers to be as enthusiastic as possible encouraging the runners to have a good time.

Water Station – Volunteers assigned to the water station will fill up cups of water and help distribute them to passing participants.

*Volunteers will more than likely work more than one job throughout the event. Also, there will be
more jobs than listed above, those are the most typical.

- Volunteers should sign-in upon arrival to keep track of volunteers in attendance.
- Please dress appropriately for the weather. Check the forecast prior to arrival of the event.
- Volunteers are there not only to help but to have fun!
- We greatly appreciate and depend on volunteers so thank you all in advance!

If a volunteer has any questions about the race, their duties or meeting location, they can contact Matt anytime at or (630) 336-4195.

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Hot Cider Hustle Volunteer Signup

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