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A little "Ditty"

Hello fellow survivors and friends.

I pray this finds you healthy, both physically and mentally.

I’ve been ask to write a little “ditty” for our blog about how I’m keeping busy during these trying times.

Well, in my opinion, I’m getting along just fine. I only have to look after me. No spouse, both kids are adults and on their own. At first I found myself very lonely (for about a day). I knew I’d never make it through the upcoming weeks with this type of “stewing,” so I needed to turn my attitude around.

Sure, I’ve done my fair share of jigsaw puzzles, cleaned out closets and junk drawers, organized my craft supplies, and manage at least 2 long walks/day weather permitting. Yes, these are big accomplishments for me, but I needed to do more.

I found 2 online resources that are really starting to transform my overall well being.

The first is I’m taking a free class through Coursera, taught by a Yale Professor. The class title is “The science and practice of Happiness”. I find it intriguing, and quite timely. Never thought I’d take a class at Yale! It’s fun just to say that! My other class is meditation. It’s live, taught in real time. I really enjoy this and know I will continue this practice even after our social distancing has been lifted.

Take a class that interests you through Coursera:

***Katy uses the meditation taught by Jay Shetty, who does 20 days of Live Meditation. Here is the start (day 1) of the meditation series.

My social groups (of which there are several) are keeping in contact with the help of social media, texting, email and zoom. Two of my groups have virtual happy hours and play games with Zoom. We are social creatures and must maintain these important connections.

***Zoom is a platform that offers free video conferencing. More information about how to connect with your friends & family can be found with this link:

Here’s a quote my Yale professor said, "Social Connection is the elusive, indefinable, OPPOSITE of Loneliness.” I can’t wait to have our social connections in person sooner rather than later. But-in the meantime, stay home, stay healthy and stay connected virtually.

My love and good wishes to all,

Katy Vander Molen

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