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Cooking the quarantine away...

Hello! Hope everyone is finding different ways to stay busy, we know we are! We have dusted off our aprons, and have started cooking up a storm.

I took it upon myself to bake some fresh bread. (Which was easier said than done) I followed the recipe exactly. It turned out a bit too dense, which apparently means it was under proofed? I also think my house it a bit too cold for it to proof properly. This was my first time baking a loaf of white bread, and I although it was dense, I don’t think it turned out too bad!!

Here is the finished product!


Here is the link for the recipe I used:

So on the topic of new recipes; I’m excited to try some other ones this week. Here is what I have lined up.

Tomorrow I plan on making this Sweet Potato Black Bean Casserole:

I like this one because I have all of the ingredients on hand, and it looks like it is pretty easy and straightforward.

This recipe also caught my eye, Tomato White Bean, & Kale Soup (I do plan on swapping out the kale for spinach):

It looks quick, and it has really good reviews! They also said it is better the second day, and it freezes easily.

I’m excited to expand my cooking skills, and learn some new recipes before life gets crazy again. Are you trying any new and exciting recipes?

Thanks for reading!

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