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Half Dozen Fried Eggs: Nashville Edition

As we boarded the Teal Honor Flight- Stephanie, Julie, Barbara, Katy, Mary Ann and myself, we were presented with the South West Magazine, featuring the lovely Sierra and Stephanie on the cover!

Upon seeing our brunch spread on Saturday morning–delicious chicken and waffles and giant cinnamon buns for brunch at Bon Appetite in the heart of the Gulch, I knew we were in for an amazing weekend.

After brunch, we were all ready to strut up and down Broadway! Everybody sang “Save a horse ride a Cowboy!” We were hopping from one famous bar to another, stopping and enjoying rooftop restaurants and taking in all that Nashville had to offer that lovely Saturday afternoon! On the way, we found a bar where you could sign your name on the walls. I pulled out my lipstick and wrote “Our Fried Eggs 2020.” How else would you expect us to leave our mark on Nashville?!

Our Saturday in Nashville would not have been complete without me being called on stage to take a tequila shot with the lead country singer! Money well spent on entertainment; we say!

We spent Saturday evening at the Grand Olé’ Opry–the Country Music Hall of Fame! We enjoyed a lovely dinner in the Garden Conservatory. Our dinner, particularly the homemade noodles with a spark of authenticity! We ended the night with a live performance by Chris Young! It was one of the best shows any of us had experienced! It was a surreal experience to be a part of the live recording!

Sunday had finally arrived, but no one was ready to leave. We had a lovely brunch followed by a bit of sightseeing. Julie and I then ventured back down to Broadway, as we wanted to spend more time together before the flight home.

We talked for hours at the famous Sun Diner; it was the perfect place for an afternoon beer, some great dive food, but the conversation and company was even better!

While the ladies and I were bummed the trip had come to an end, we had gained so many laughs, memories, and stories to share for years to come. While we were there, our group created such a strong and unique bond.

Meeting all of these women allowed me an opportunity to grow and learn from their experiences. Being part of Our Fried Eggs has given me a new perspective on life: None of us are ever truly alone and that the only thing scarier than a cancer diagnosis is trying to get through it on your own. They showed me compassion when I didn’t have any for myself, they showed me strength, and most importantly how to laugh no matter what life throws your way.

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