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Hello! Welcome to our blog! We are pretty new at this, so please hold tight while we work out some of the quirks. As many of you know, the WOCA staff is working from home (due to the COVID-19 virus). Since they’re working from home, and staying home after work, they have come up with a few different “activities” to keep them busy. **There are only so many days you can binge watch TV before it is time to do something else.

This blog will be diving into some of those activities. We hope to feature different podcasts, healthy recipes, mindfulness activities, Ted Talks, and much more. We hope to post once or twice a week. And we hope to interview a few of our survivors to share their favorite activities and hobbies.

Since this blog is meant to be an inspiring outlet, we will try to steer away from medical topics. We figure its best to let the medical professionals handle those!

With that being said, we do have our “Ask the Dr.” portion of the blog for those that may be interested.

We hope to use this blog to engage and connect members of our community. We’re super excited to get our blog off the ground, and connect with everyone through a different platform. Let’s stay connected!

This blog is geared toward our survivors and their families. If you would like to see a specific topic covered or would like to be interviewed by the WOCA staff about your hobby, please send us an email:

Whisper Walk Survivor Photo 2018

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