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Ovarian Cancer Research

In 2017 the Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance was able to fund $25,000 toward Ovarian Cancer Research.  We hope to grow this number every year!  

2016, 2017, &  2018 Researcher

Dr. Manish Patankar

"The primary focus of my research is to devise specific methods for early diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) and to understand the effect of factors produced by ovarian tumors on the functional capacity of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes. This research involves extensive utilization of glycoproteomic analysis in conjunction with cellular immunology, molecular biology and glycobiology."

Additional 2016 Researcher

Dr. Erin Bishop

"Her research and laboratory focuses on understanding the interaction between ovarian cancer spheroids and the mesothelium that lines the peritoneal cavity in order to determine how spheroids play a role in ovarian cancer metastasis and resistance to treatment."

If you conduct ovarian cancer research in Wisconsin, and would like to be considered for 2019 grant, please fill out this form and email us at
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