Ovarian Cancer Survivors' Brunch 

What is the Survivors’ Brunch?

The survivors’ brunch is an event that began in 2007 with 17 survivors in attendance. It has grown over the years and there have been as many as 150 survivors joining us. With family and friends who join them, the event continues to grow reaching an average attendance of approximately 300 people. This event enables ladies who are traveling the same journey to get together, and in many cases bond. Newly diagnosed women are given a sense of hope when they meet and talk with attendees who have experienced years of survival. As you may know, there are very few if any support groups solely focused on women who are survivors of this devastating disease for which there is no test. This is one day dedicated just to them.

Who Attends??

WOCA invites survivors from across the state to join them as their guests at a brunch that is dedicated to them. Gynecologic oncologists from hospitals throughout the state are also invited to join the ladies in a stress free and carefree environment.

How Does It Happen??

No. It isn’t magic! WOCA takes care of all the details, planning, inviting, and anything else that makes this an event the ladies look forward to with great anticipation every year. However, we can’t make it happen without your support. Click to become a sponsor!

Save the date: April 24th, 2022