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Beta Pi Chapter of Kappa Epsilon

Hi! My name is Maren and I'm currently the President-Elect for the Beta Pi Chapter of Kappa Epsilon over at the Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy. You're probably like WHOA that's a lot of words, and it is, and I'm sorry - let me break it down for you. Kappa Epsilon is a professional pharmacy fraternity (we have girls and guys), and the Beta Pi part is how we're tied to Concordia.

On a national level, Kappa Epsilon has two professional endeavors, breast and ovarian cancer awareness. To focus on those endeavors our Beta Pi Chapter (remember that's just our club in Kappa Epsilon) works with WOCA! Their commitment to providing Education, Support, and Funding of Research for Ovarian Cancer throughout Wisconsin aligns wonderfully with our goals.

Being that we're all students and don't have too much time to plan events we tend to do mostly volunteering events that are organized by WOCA - things like Nancy's Run, Walk, and Stroll and the 5K Beer Run.

This past year at Nancy's Run, Walk, and Stroll I was able to spend my time monitoring the bouncy house which was honestly one of the most fun times I've had at an event, it even gave me a reason to skip leg day at the gym.

We also do things on campus to fundraise for WOCA, like "compounding" ice cream sundaes which is always a big hit.

Our club members donate toppings, the club donates the ice cream, and we get to educate our students a little bit about ovarian cancer. Working with WOCA has been one of my favorite things about my past 2 years in Kappa Epsilon, and knowing that we will be able to continue working with them brings a smile to my heart.

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